Acquire Customers Online With A Custom Designed eBook

Get Your Full Customer Acquisition System for $10,000

How it works

Find people online who care about what you do, build trust by providing them with valuable information, and ultimately win them as customers. Best of all, it’s an automated system - so that you can spend your time doing what you do best!

Grow Your Business

There's a world of people on the internet. How do you reach them?

Attract Interested Customers

We'll use digital advertising to find people who care about what you do.

Introduce Yourself

Then we'll give them an eBook that gives them valuable information they care about.

Build Trust

As they read your eBook, their trust in your organization will grow.

Get To Know Each Other

We'll send them emails to qualify them as customers.

Close The Sale

You get new customers!


Peter Li VP of Marketing,
Vera Whole Health
"A Brave New is good people – experienced, curious, smart – and a breath of fresh air. They cut their teeth on the fundamentals, so in an ever-evolving industry with no shortage of opinions, it’s a load off to know that ABN stays on top of the trends and pays due attention to what actually works. Our program is flourishing thanks to them."
Steven Screen Owner,
The Better Fundraising Company
"We are thrilled to have ABN as part of our team. They are knowledgeable, smart, flexible, and enjoyable to work with. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Definitely try to work with Polly, she’s clearly the smartest of the three."

What You'll Get


A 10-20 page ebook that highlights a specific topic of interest to your typical customer.


4 Google text and 4 Facebook display ads to advertise the ebook (advertising budget levels will be determined by you and paid directly to advertisers).

Email Series

3-5 follow-up emails to further qualify potential customers and lead them to a sale.

Landing Page

A branded landing page where people provide their email in exchange for the ebook.

Cost: $10,000

Take the plunge


Fill out this form and you’ll hear back directly from Polly or Josh. Remember, this form is the first step towards using the internet to find people who care about what you do. That’s pretty cool.